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01.09.Falconi website in English

The website is now in English!

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"...thousands, even millions of people work, produce and save money, despite everything we can do to harass them, hinder them, discourage them. It is a natural calling that drives them, not just their thirst for money. What counts for them are the pride and enjoyment in seeing their own company prosper and be recognised, in inspiring confidence in ever more customers, in expanding production facilities and building beautiful premises; these things are just as powerful a driver of progress as profit. Were it not so, we would be unable to explain why so many entrepreneurs are willing to put all their energy (and invest all their capital) into making far lower profits than they could no doubt easily make from other professions."
Luigi Einaudi

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Our range of pastry products include traditional and genuine products.

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    In addition to the Amaretti we offer a wide range
    of desserts.

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    We make home deliveries and shipments

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    We offer services for buffets and parties

Handicrafted manufacturing

Amaretti Falconi di Tagliaferri Fulvio - Partita IVA 03109950604
Tel. 366 8007076

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